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Hello guys, welcome to High Tech Realm, a community of passionate tech geeks and gamers from around the world!

We have created this community cum blog to share quality content and interact with you all. This community will act as a portal for our readers to share their knowledge, ask questions, and help others.

What is High Tech Realm?

Imagine HTR as a cocktail that was made by mixing a community and a blog together.

I recently registered hightechrealm.com and wanted to do something cool with it. Since we already had a tech blog @ criticecho.com, it was not ideal to create another blog.

Creating a forum community was the next best idea. But then we wondered, what if we merge HTR with CriticEcho and create a blend of a blog and a forum?

It was an exciting idea!

It took us a couple of days to plan everything as this merger would mean shifting to a new CMS as WordPress (which we used previously on CriticEcho) is not the best choice for community management.

Finally, we settled for Discourse and couldn’t be happier.

The basic goal of this community is to share informative content, solve everyone’s queries related to tech, and provide a platform for all the tech lovers out there to interact with each other through discussions.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Feel free to reach out to us @ team[at]hightechrealm[dot]com

We’d be happy to answer your questions!

We’re happy you joined High Tech Realm!